About Digiboost

Digiboost is a dynamic IT company that offers complete services and solutions for the equipment and every enterprise or organisation’s software since 2019.

The information technology services it provides, not only on a computerised, but also on a computerisation level, in combination to the appropriate products of equipment and software reinforce and support the business objectives or its clients, with consistency, trustworthiness and safety.


What We Exactly Do

It is evident that most clients firstly ask for fragmental solutions to cover their current needs. The reason why this happens is because they are not familiar with the ways or methods to increase the functionality of their enterprise on a computerised level, either because it is not within their field of knowledge, or they are up to date with the contemporary tools they could have in their possession.

Digiboost with a simple, rapid and effective way, organises your enterprise or organisation with high-class technological prepositions and services that eventually attain your business objectives.

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 Our motto:

‘We are there, when things are not going so well’!

Digiboost is there when you need it for as long as you need it!

Our fields of activity are the following:

Complete support services for software, equipment, networks, servers, computers, as well as training services.

Development, design and realisation of applications and desk settings and Internet.

We are representatives and distributers of innovatory IT products and computerised equipment, always in close cooperation with our strategic partners.

Our aim is to provide your business with first-class service based on the three-fold principle ‘rapidity, effectiveness and low charges’.

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