Our Services

Digiboost offers a multifaceted variety of services and equipment which in combination with its expertise and methodology, its trustworthiness and its consistency can cover and resolve even the most malfunctioning issues that occur to an organisation, or just provide its consulting services on a project management level, when an enterprise needs or has decided to upgrade its way of functioning under the framework of information technology and systems which it uses.

The services we provide you with are the following:

  1. Strategic design and research, installation of information systems.
  2. Upgrading and maintenance of software and equipment
  3. Technical support for software, peripheral devices and equipment.
  4. Project management
  5. Software: commercial or book-keeping packages, ERP
  6. Creating websites and digital marketing

Worldwide researches have demonstrated that 80% of technical expenses occur after the purchase of equipment. The maintenance and the upgrading usually preoccupies a considerable amount of time in information departments at companies or even of its personnel to which these tasks have simply been assigned without those being their immediate role and without the prerequisite expertise.

At Digiboost, we can help you significantly reduce the time and the maintenance or repair costs, offering you with technical support whenever you ask for it, without any preemptions in your daily working preoccupations.

Our company offers:

  • Upgrade in business software
  • Upgrade and repair in operating systems (such as Windows & MAC OS)
  • Upgrade, repair or extension of your network (routers, access points, switches)
  • Maintenance of servers and NAS

 ‘We are there, when things are not going so well’! Based on this premise and only principle for technical support, Digiboost is there when you need it for as long as you need it.

We offer packages of technical support adopted to your needs and demands either at a software or an equipment level. Our aim is to provide your business with first-class service based on the three-fold principle ‘rapidity, effectiveness and low charges’.

Our technical support services are available:

  • On a monthly basis according to prearranged rates and prepaid hours at an affordable cost in the best interest of highly demanding businesses.
  • Ad-hoc, in other words, when an acting up occurs.

In both services, the client can call us and we, in return, either through remote access or via visitation to your workplace to recommend and troubleshoot the issue you have encountered.

When you need immediate and effective technical support, Digiboost offers:

  • Clearing out malicious software and viruses (malware attacks)
  • Data loss recovery
  • Data synchronisation, backing up and archiving
  • Scheduled maintenance and upgrading
  • Inspection of regional wired and wireless networks
  • Inspection and setting of operating systems and software programmes.
  • Installing or uninstalling or reinstalling devices
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware problems
  • Consulting and managing projects for upgrading or extending information systems
  • Realisation and installation of computerising equipment
  • System and network security

Our knowledge in information technology and our experience since 2005 makes us capable to design and research with precision and consistency every project which is assigned to us.

In every project, we offer our rich experience with the best practices in the field, ensuring that your project attains its goals according to the given budget and timeline.

It is very important that the design of each project to support your business objectives, to determine possible risks, to set realistic and feasible goals and to supervise them within given time periods.

Digiboost offers:

  • The research and installation of equipment – servers, computers, peripheral devices, printers, scanners
  • The design and installation wired and wireless networks – LAN and WAN, routers, access points, VPN
  • Protection and security for the network, computers and data – as a consequence, protection of your personnel throughout education and good practices.

Every enterprise functions based on her rules and frameworks and while, sometimes the change is imperative, the fear of change is presented in relation to new procedures, applications or technological systems by the very people that will use them. Digiboost can help you change for the better with the Project Management services it offers.

Our experience in the field of information of technology the last 12 years and the methodology of managing works we have adopted according to proven good practices in practice, ensure that every new project excels within the given timeline and budget with preemptions from daily and important actualities in your business.

With every project, we know how to create mutual teams both from the client’s and Digiboost’s side, how to resolve as a team whatever challenges or new issues occur. Above all, we know how to keep our project objectives within the set framework, always alongside with the support of our technicians throughout the entire duration of realisation.

We work with the best providers in the market to find the best combination and performance, as well as compliance with the Law, where necessary. We examine and create a plan for a software that articulates hidden costs, accounts for multiple devices and any other index for future needs of the enterprise.

Digiboost can:

  • Install software effectively in all devices and synchronise data
  • Provide education and complementary programmes for software
  • Communicate the advantages of using software in different contexts (e.g. purchase or subscription licensing.
  • Office and Internet applications development
  • It keeps software costs steady through fixed monthly costs

In the day and age through which we are traversing, every enterprise, regardless of financial size, needs to have an online presence. One of the most important tools used since the creation of the Internet in the 1990s are the so-called websites. Along with them and the appropriate tools of digital marketing, a company can gain internet-related profit, amplify its profile and reputation and offer direct communication with its own clients. Digiboost knows how to design the website that matches the clients’ needs and their visitors’ and lead them through digital marketing to how your website can yield profit to your company.

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